Run, Gary, Run!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been running for office for 9 days now.  What have I learned….?

I’ve learned that everyone knows what you need to do to win.

I’ve learned that county central committees don’t call each other to determine if they overlap.

I’ve learned that being a candidate means that, sadly, you can no longer write a column0020_MG_1399 for the local paper, that you no longer can be the emcee of the annual parade, but that everyone you run into will call you “Congressman” with a smile.

I’ve learned that most people will be gracious, even if they don’t agree with you on a topic.

I’ve learned that everyone is concerned about you and will warn:  “You know that there will be negative ads, don’t you?  Are you prepared for that?”

I’ve learned that people root for people they know and that they really like to know people who are willing to run.

And I’ve learned that running for office, holding down a full time job, having 2 young sons, and continuing to serve the community in the various ways you always have….make it nearly impossible to keep up with your blog, Gary Has Issues.

portraitI will get back in here from time to time, if just to re-post or freshen up an older post (it never ceases to amaze me how issues circle back year after year).  In the meanwhile, here is my candidacy webpage:

I hope you take a look now and again.



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