What is a Trump Patriot?

Here’s my dilemma: I preach civil discourse, peaceful protest, open minded thinking, and egalitarianism. I believe that we can attack policies without castigating people, but I also believe silence is compliance and that we have an obligation in a free society to address (and redress) grievances.

The wave of nationalism that President Trump rode into the White House and the rhetoric that has followed the populist-pandering slogan “Make America Great Again” has created a maelstrom of contradictions that I sincerely believe is laying a foundation of irrational tenets that can destroy the country I love.

At the center of this is the Get Out of Jail Free card that has been handed to Donald Trump so that he is unfettered toward realizing a concept of America that is blind to our founding principles.

I asked myself, some friends, and several millennials what messages are being broadcast from this movement.  I asked them to define a Patriot based on the rhetoric, policies and behavior of Trump supporters.

Yes, this is an echo chamber of my own making, but every single thing that was mentioned (below) is evidence based.

Qualities of a “Make America Great Again” Patriot:

-Feverish nationalism
-Judges infidelity as irrelevant to virtue (unless it’s a Democrat)
-Disregard for truth or factual evidence
-Ignorance of founding principles of justice and equality
-Might makes right mentality
-Belief that illegal Mexican immigrants are predominately rapists, murderers or thieves.
-Belief that poverty is the result of laziness
-Denial of systemic racism
-Sees anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual male as a subjugate
-Fear of representational democratic governance
-Fanatical support of deadly force to administer fear
-Theocratic adherence to ceremonial Christianity, but antithetical practice of it.
-Views the earth’s resources as unlimited and environmental hazards are an acceptable result of profits.

No one will possess all of these qualities or beliefs, I’m sure, but if any one, or two, or three, bear witness…is that the path to greatness?

This post is my own editorial comment. Draw your own conclusions. And discuss. Civilly.

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