Speak No Evil

We have a president who calls half of the country “evil.”

He calls us (Democrats) evil because we don’t like him. We were predisposed not to vote for him because he isn’t a Democrat, but that should not come as shocking news. Republicans don’t vote for Democrats, either, that’s kind of how it works, right?

But this president is brand new territory. We didn’t vote for George Bush, but our dislike never rose to these proportions. Why? Because we had never seen anyone so disrespectful run for president before. Someone who ridiculed a women’s looks on national television. Who mimicked a journalist with a disability. Someone who was caught bragging about being a sexual predator (who was clearly committing adultery). Someone who Tweets like a grade schooler over trivial matters, whose narcissistic ego ran roughshod over thoughtful maturity, and who is caught lying over and over and over.

To see questionable behavior with disregard for constitutional law take the White House was not only upsetting it was frightening. The fabric of freedom is only as strong as our adherence to the boundaries of that charter.

To then witness a president immediately roll back hard fought policies to protect our environment, education, healthcare, the arts, civil rights, and to feed the hungry. To hear dog whistles that embolden racists and xenophobes, and to hear rhetoric that chastises immigrants, is anathema to justice.

And in the midst of an upheaval of cherished advances to benefit us all, to read self-serving, illiterate, rambling Tweets from the office history has exalted to the most powerful, is more than we can bear. Precisely BECAUSE we arent evil.

We did the math. We remember 2007. We are very concerned about the trickle down policy that Trump has injected with steroids. And to have our cautions accused of being un-American is maddening.

We view this president as an immoral, charlatan, masquerading as a savior in order to feed his malignant narcissism.

Do you know what that’s a description of? Someone who actually is evil.

Published by gary1164

I'm an advertising executive and former actor/producer