A Cannonball Running

rs_1024x759-150916173506-1024_Donald-Trump-Republican-Debate_ms_091615Let’s see…Republican front runner, Donald Trump, gives another weak debate performance, but continues to inspire the conservative base of his party, while Marco Rubio gives a strong performance and poll numbers drop in his own state.

Meanwhile in the undercard debate Rick Santorum rambles, but shows up onstage for the 11 candidate group shot (until they shooed him away) where a 2% popularity result would have qualified him to play with the big boys….and woman.

Who else is thinking of “The Cannonball Run”?

All that’s missing are Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. dressed as Catholic priests.

What’s that you say? Walker and Santorum are already playing sanctimonious hucksters?

Who then is Trump?

Burt Reynolds, of course, who convinces local authorities that the priests are actually perverts and has them arrested!

For those of you who need Chris Christie to make an appearance in this high concept farce, he can be Dom Deluise as the funny mechanic who intermittently becomes Captain Chaos.

And Carly Fiorina?  Farrah Fawcett!  Except to Donald Trump who would undoubtedly disagree.

Cannonball+RunAre conservatives confused as they look for a candidate who is a true conservative who embraces their core values of family, faith and tax breaks for the wealthy?

Jeb Bush appears to them as a liberal in a cheap suit, and even those who say, “I’ll support him as the nominee” will acknowledge that he is vulnerable in a debate…since…well…he’s not good at them.

And now there is Trump who keeps getting a popularity bounce every time it is revealed that as The Emperor With No Clothes he is wearing designer suits.  But, Donald Trump is after all…Donald Trump…whose economic plan might be to make America one giant Trump Hotel and Casino.

Rounding out the last car are Jindal/Cruz/Huckabee who believe that 10% of America is made of confused hedonists who should rightfully be denied pizza and wedding cakes.

Believe it or not, I believe the Republican Party deserves a serious candidate and I believe they will come to their senses eventually.

Meanwhile….pop some corn, sit back and let’s see if this sequel is as entertaining as the original.CannonballRun2-DVDFilm-0048210

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