Between Comedy and a Cause

Between Comedy and a Cause

As a writer it can be difficult to walk the line between providing information and from being simply a promotion. Providing information to enlighten a segment of society to something worth paying attention to, for the benefit of many, or being an advertisement for it, thereby, becoming less journalistic, is the path I walk here.

You see, I’d like this article to be picked up as news.

That’s a bridge a comedian can provide. John Poveromo is a stand up comedian who also has one of the best podcasts in the vast sea of podcasts, and it’s called “Dystopia Tonight.”  Each episode features either a well known guest or a guest well known in their respective circles. The result is always funny and provocative. Comedy and conversation form the bridge to the other side where change can happen.

What did that mean? I’m not sure but I wanted to bring the bridge metaphor back. Actually…I do know where I’m going…for the 3rd straight year, John and “ Dystopia Tonight” have a 24 hour fundraising stream to raise funds to help create a world free of Multiple Sclerosis. This happens on Wednesday, March 27 at 9pm EST.

This years line up of guests is coming together. Already Ed Begley Jr., John Fugelsang, Colin Mochrie, Robert Klein, Beth Broderick, Robert Smigel, and Jamie Kennedy have signed on, donating their time with the hope that you, yes you, will be part of their often hysterical conversations to raise money and awareness to end MS.

Last years event was stunning and many will be back. Art Alexakis, lead singer of Everclear and an MS warrior opened up the show and is back this year.

Also last year was a mini Dick Van Dyke show reunion between one of the original writers, Bill Persky and guest star Jeremy Clyde. Tommy Chong came on and Jimmy Vivino surprised everyone with Paul Schaffer and Lee Shapiro. Voice over legends Charles Fleischer and Billy West were in top form.

Other supporters of this cause are Rita Rudner and Lewis Black who have provided video messages.

I think I’ve made my point. Even though I have strayed into promotion. But this is important: We (the public) get to tune into live conversations with entertainment movers and shakers, while helping to raise funds for the National MS Society during National MS Awareness Month.

The goal is to raise $10000 in this 24 hour marathon. John does the hard work. All we have to do is pop in when we want to. Join John on “Dystopia Tonight.” And me! I just can’t tell you when I’ll be there. I have an active bladder at night. TMI?

Here’s the important information:

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